Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Little update

Im loving the new I-pod Nano's video camera included!

and more room on the touch! 64 GB!!!

the ipod classic now comes in 160gb and costs as much as the 120gb did! :)

and colorful shuffles even tho their not my cup of tea!

i want one of each please :) to listen to this beautiful song on it.

for more info go to the

Sunday, 5 July 2009

So yesterday was my birthday :) yay! thank you to all my friends that made my day extra special, by al the calls and bb messeges and visits i <3 u all!

Im traveling tomorrow and im extatic i really need a break, and need to see my fav people in Paris yeh thats u A and A and K and M ooook :)

I always forget somthing while packing my Huuuuge patent Chanel air port bag so i decided ide list down all the essentials so i dont forget anything.

1- I-pod = Check

2- pair of comfy repettos

3- Chanel bronze universel

4- Black berry (im surprised this didn't come first)

5- Mac book pro

6- Nip/Tuck season 4

7- La Mer - The Moisturizing Gel Cream

8- My pretty New Chanel wallet a girft from my BFF ITTY i love u gurl!

hmm some how i think im forgetting some thing????

Bon Voyage every1 where ever u might be going this summer :)

Enjoy Mariah's New song its so addictive!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Choo's how u make my day so bright <3

Ok so i havnt posted in a while since ive been overwhelmed with exams its 2.33 am and im still in cramming mode! its bad i know but whatever i work best under pressure.

Im sooooo sick of reading about renaissance art and buddhist art and impressionism aaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love art history but sincerly when im forced to study something i just wont do it! no no and no!

and today out of all days my immune system fails me when i need it the most :( and im comming down with something. its always good to have friends like Vic who urge u to study and shove all types of vitamins and tea down ur throat to make u feel better <3 u vic!

ok so basically my highlight of the day is a new pair of heels mommy dearest got me today :) i was in such a bad mood and my bff JamJam sent me a picture of a pair of open toe mary jane's made of shiny sparkly leather! ive always been a jimmy choo fan my obsession started at 14 when a certain chemistry teacher used to tell me all about this amazing brand called jimmy choo! and the store hadn't opened yet in Dubai so basically didnt know what she was talking about! cut me some slack i was 14!! ever since ive been buying jimmy choos religiously! oh how i love that lilac box and recently its been off my radar since the havnt made anything really worth buying since the IT bag "Ramona" was it? of 07. so yeh Jimmy choo's are back with a vengeance.

pass or fail today at the end of the day my baby choo's will always be there for me :)

have a nice day people and wish me luck!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Vive la France

Im currently in a constitutional law lecture, kinda bored so i asked my self where would i rather be right now? and i decided that if i could be anywhere right now ide be in Paris, i want to eat pain au chocolate and some rose mini macaroons and I also want to have an espresso in a little dingy cafe in the 6eme arrondissement near l'université paris decartes near all the mini law and history books shops wearing black leather spandex and knee high Sergio rossi boots and read art history books all day....

If you do anything this weekend watch the movie Marie Antoinette , because i feel it captures the essence of life in Versailles in the 1700 before the French revolution , its so quirky and colourful and just perks up my mood also all the pastries sweets just make you drool ! *major sweet tooth*

I dedicate this post to nawary because she recently decided she might ditch her BB for a prada fone and i strongly discourage her! u can never be too connected to the world also you were the reason i got my BB almost a year and a half ago before the fad started!

also ehda2 for nawary la nouvelle collection de M.A.C avec hello kitty coming out on the 16th of march in the UAE
enjoy this catchy lily allen song and have a nice day. x