Sunday, 28 December 2008

I migh be the worst blogger in the history of blogging..

Im writing this from my London appartment and freezing my legwarmers off!!

ok i thought i had to write this because i've been shopping around Europe and i've found the most adorable things i thought i'de share some of my Obsession de jour ..

1- You don't know Jaques nail polish by O.P.I - Grey is the new Red

p.s - not my hands :p

2- New M.A.C lashes -super dramatic lashes in 42

3- Double platform Louboutin's - a 7 inch heel ( the highest for louboutin ) is not for the faint hearted ..

4- Hérmes toureg belt buckels - stunning one of a kind pieces - made of engraved silver by the toureg tribe.. sadly i don't have any pictures of my belt buckle but ill be sure to upload it soon!

5- Laura mercier Foundation <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">Also ive watching some brilliant movies and listening to beautiful feel good music Movie sugesstion :- Annie Hall - a Woody Allen classic! brilliant and witty perfect for watching with the girl friends with some karak and comfy Fatboy© bean bag's - My favorite song of the week :- Use somebody by Kings of Leon .. great song .. and if light rock is not your cup of tea Enjoy my fave classic of the momment ain't no sunshine - by Bill withers <3

Peace Love and Rock and Roll

Monday, 18 August 2008

Russian Holiday


This summer i got the chance to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I would reccomend St Petersburg to any one thinking of visiting Russia..

Its an amazing city rich with the best art museums and ballet.. Due to it being the summer a lot of the ballet companies are on world tours but thankfully i got a chance to see
Лебединое Озеро (Swan Lake) by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, which was truly breath taking! one of the most flawless ballet's I've ever seen in my life! and ive seen my share of ballet and I've done ballet for years! but seriously Ballet in Russia is intense! ever one is so turned out which is something your either born with or your not..

During the Holiday our guide literally stuffed our heads with Russian history! and surprisingly enough I didnt get bored! i mean that country is FIERCE! I mean the
country was reigned by a Woman for 34 years!! Her name was Екатерина II Великая or Catherine II the great and u did not want to get on her bad side! no seriously she even had some one to kill her own husband! and she had some amazing diamonds
(which wasn't what i was looking at in all the paintings)

Also for the fans of
икра (caviar) ekra in russian, you wont be disappointed personally Im not a Caviar fan Russai has best caviar and u can get it on any thing ! Literally anything!

If you like your Parisian Crepe's trust me you would LOVE блин (Blin) its the Russian Pancake its literally to die for! u can have it with everything from Caviar to fresh berries absolutely delicious !

I was very impressed with what I saw and i would go back any day!

Just some pictures i took:

Peter and Paul Cathedral

Little cathedral

Lucky bunny:- throw some change at it and if u get it on any of the tree stumps ur wish will come true .. Mine did :) a week later! no jokes!

the nights i didnt go out i was glued to MTV Russian music is soooo catchy!

Listen to this amazing new song from TatU called 220! ch-e-ch-chee-ck it out!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

sunny days and starry nights

Hello Fellow bloggers!

well now that we can officially say summer has started there are many essential pieces to pack for summer! and if ur anything like me you probably leave the packing for the last minute and usually forget some important travel must "pack's"

so take out ur travel bags and check off these summer essentials for any where in the world! if ur staying in ur home town of strolling the streets of Paris or London or even LA :-

Ok so the most important thing to pack it sun block! and i dont care what any one says i say coppertone sun block all the way! never go anywhere without this keep it in ur sexy tote (thats so in this summer!) and it weighs close to nothing and prevents sun burn and helps ur keep ur healthy glow this summer!
and u gotta admit it smells like summer (it really brings back summer camp at the YMCA in California when i was a kid they used to slather up with sunblock before doing any out door activity! super cute!)

the second summer must have it a big bag and my bag of choice is this stunning piece by Bottega veneta ! (everybody needs a Bottega purse for an instant chic and classy look!)
this bag is currently bring carried around town by Angelina Jolie! and its a stuuuuuunning piece i dare u to disagree!

behold the Bottega Cabat!

My current summer craze is neon colours! (caution! use in moderate doses so not to blind any one!) so if its not neon slippers its a neon belt or even neon nail polish!

try essie in shorty pants for a sexy sizzling yellow or my personal favorite mini shorts
My favorite make up brand is M.A.C but of course! my dressing table is over loaded with every shade of mac eye shadow , lipstick, blusher you name it ive got it! i am obsessed! i drive my family crazy with mac! my parents think ive got enough and my friends think im a mac-a-holic! but i dont care its my addiction of choice and i am making space on my dressing table for this summer's FAB collection! Neo sci-fi! its a stunning collection with light lips and a slight smokey eye and wild nails this collection screams 60's sieren! and is veeeeeery Sophia loren to me ! with fab casing theres no reason not to buy every single piece of this collection!

oh yeh also dont forget the boring essentials like socks and pj's!
where ever you are this summer rock the town ur in! throw away the fanny pack and dont look like a tourist! not sexy!

enjoy this amazing track by the ting tings - shut up and let me go .. its been blasting through my ipod and it should be blasting through urs too!

peace love and cup cakes!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Summer is here!! can u feel it?

Tomrrow is a new day, and don't fret the lil things ! Here in the midsts of studying the French, Russian and british constitutions I write to u dear bloggers reminding u that I'm still alive! I'm almost done with my law year and can't wait to chill by the pool with my besties who are flying in from all around the world canada, australia ,scotland etc... I caaaaant wait!! I can't wait for my fave blogger fashy and number one dubai-an fashionisa to come bak so we can paint hundreds of canvases and chill at Galler!! Come bak safe my love!!

So slather up the tanning lotion and empty the beaches cuz we are comming! Well as soon as exams are over! Anyhoo!! I really have to get bak to studying!

Work hard, be safe and c y'all soon
Ciao karino's and karina's

Monday, 11 February 2008

First blog:-

Hello fellow bloggers,

Hope every one is having a beautiful day! i mean how couldn't you? have u see the weather lately PERFECTION is the best way to discribe it ! sunny with a light breeze *sigh* if only it could stay like this forever!

this is my first blog and i know a couple of weeks from now im going to look back onto this blog and say " OMG i cant believe i said that!" but oh well here i go!

I write to you from my bed, after hours of lectures and window shopping with M!
i ask you dear bloggers have you ever read a book you loved so much that you look forward to the minute you walk into ur room to kick off your shoes and lay in bed and read for hours on end not realising how much time has passed? well if you haven't ive got just the book for you!
The luxe by Anna Godbersen is a must read! think of it as "Gossip girl" set in 1889! check it out and tell me what you think!
Even if Mystery, Romance , Jelousy and betrayal is not your cup of tea you should still buy the book the cover art is just stunning!

Make up head's up!
M.A.C's new collection Fafi is going to hit the stores soon! its a stunning collection inspired by a french graffiti artist ! and her characters a.k.a Fafinette's are used on the m.a.c make up cases.. keep and eye out for this lively colored collection!! because im sure that as soon as it hits the stands its going to dissapear in recored time! so hurry up and embrace your inner FAFI.

Anyways im off ! to finish reading The luxe ! have a wonderful day every one and if your finding it hard to smile check this video out! I *heart* Mika and i think this video is adorable!! the colourful rainbow's and the quirky lyrics are sure to put a smile on your faces!

take care!