Monday, 11 February 2008

First blog:-

Hello fellow bloggers,

Hope every one is having a beautiful day! i mean how couldn't you? have u see the weather lately PERFECTION is the best way to discribe it ! sunny with a light breeze *sigh* if only it could stay like this forever!

this is my first blog and i know a couple of weeks from now im going to look back onto this blog and say " OMG i cant believe i said that!" but oh well here i go!

I write to you from my bed, after hours of lectures and window shopping with M!
i ask you dear bloggers have you ever read a book you loved so much that you look forward to the minute you walk into ur room to kick off your shoes and lay in bed and read for hours on end not realising how much time has passed? well if you haven't ive got just the book for you!
The luxe by Anna Godbersen is a must read! think of it as "Gossip girl" set in 1889! check it out and tell me what you think!
Even if Mystery, Romance , Jelousy and betrayal is not your cup of tea you should still buy the book the cover art is just stunning!

Make up head's up!
M.A.C's new collection Fafi is going to hit the stores soon! its a stunning collection inspired by a french graffiti artist ! and her characters a.k.a Fafinette's are used on the m.a.c make up cases.. keep and eye out for this lively colored collection!! because im sure that as soon as it hits the stands its going to dissapear in recored time! so hurry up and embrace your inner FAFI.

Anyways im off ! to finish reading The luxe ! have a wonderful day every one and if your finding it hard to smile check this video out! I *heart* Mika and i think this video is adorable!! the colourful rainbow's and the quirky lyrics are sure to put a smile on your faces!

take care!