Monday, 9 March 2009

Vive la France

Im currently in a constitutional law lecture, kinda bored so i asked my self where would i rather be right now? and i decided that if i could be anywhere right now ide be in Paris, i want to eat pain au chocolate and some rose mini macaroons and I also want to have an espresso in a little dingy cafe in the 6eme arrondissement near l'université paris decartes near all the mini law and history books shops wearing black leather spandex and knee high Sergio rossi boots and read art history books all day....

If you do anything this weekend watch the movie Marie Antoinette , because i feel it captures the essence of life in Versailles in the 1700 before the French revolution , its so quirky and colourful and just perks up my mood also all the pastries sweets just make you drool ! *major sweet tooth*

I dedicate this post to nawary because she recently decided she might ditch her BB for a prada fone and i strongly discourage her! u can never be too connected to the world also you were the reason i got my BB almost a year and a half ago before the fad started!

also ehda2 for nawary la nouvelle collection de M.A.C avec hello kitty coming out on the 16th of march in the UAE
enjoy this catchy lily allen song and have a nice day. x