Monday, 26 March 2012

Wish List and recent purchases.

Summer is around the corner so the times about right to decide what i want to buy I absolutely love transitional wardrobe time, here are some shoes, fragrances and clothes I am loving at the moment.

Yves saint laurent anchor appliqued swimsuit
Yves Saint Laurent swimwear

ENVI SHOES - Jeffrey campbell

Clube Bossa Couture one-shoulder stretch-lamé swimsuit

Clube Bossa swimwear

Chuck Maxi dress Aqua by Aqua

Noir Super Girl necklace :-

Ive also recently bought some new lady Fozaza blazers that are currently a very important part of my wardrobe, the whole collections was stunning and i purchased these

Last but not least my new scent of the moment is from a new line by Yves saint Laurent. Im currently wearing Yvresse that's been relaunched re-vamped and re-packaged but another scent Im loving is rives gauche pour homme, it is a men's fragrance but seems pretty unisex to me

Happy shopping!

Life is Art

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

For The Love Of Street Art

I have recently been obsessed with street art and contemplating the medium myself. Even though i am classically trained and have dedicated many years to my bachelors and masters in art history, I think it is a very powerful medium that speaks for it self. so here are a few examples of my favorite street arts such as Banksy, Morley, Jacek Tylicki and many other unknown artists ...