Sunday, 25 May 2008

Summer is here!! can u feel it?

Tomrrow is a new day, and don't fret the lil things ! Here in the midsts of studying the French, Russian and british constitutions I write to u dear bloggers reminding u that I'm still alive! I'm almost done with my law year and can't wait to chill by the pool with my besties who are flying in from all around the world canada, australia ,scotland etc... I caaaaant wait!! I can't wait for my fave blogger fashy and number one dubai-an fashionisa to come bak so we can paint hundreds of canvases and chill at Galler!! Come bak safe my love!!

So slather up the tanning lotion and empty the beaches cuz we are comming! Well as soon as exams are over! Anyhoo!! I really have to get bak to studying!

Work hard, be safe and c y'all soon
Ciao karino's and karina's