Monday, 18 August 2008

Russian Holiday


This summer i got the chance to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I would reccomend St Petersburg to any one thinking of visiting Russia..

Its an amazing city rich with the best art museums and ballet.. Due to it being the summer a lot of the ballet companies are on world tours but thankfully i got a chance to see
Лебединое Озеро (Swan Lake) by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, which was truly breath taking! one of the most flawless ballet's I've ever seen in my life! and ive seen my share of ballet and I've done ballet for years! but seriously Ballet in Russia is intense! ever one is so turned out which is something your either born with or your not..

During the Holiday our guide literally stuffed our heads with Russian history! and surprisingly enough I didnt get bored! i mean that country is FIERCE! I mean the
country was reigned by a Woman for 34 years!! Her name was Екатерина II Великая or Catherine II the great and u did not want to get on her bad side! no seriously she even had some one to kill her own husband! and she had some amazing diamonds
(which wasn't what i was looking at in all the paintings)

Also for the fans of
икра (caviar) ekra in russian, you wont be disappointed personally Im not a Caviar fan Russai has best caviar and u can get it on any thing ! Literally anything!

If you like your Parisian Crepe's trust me you would LOVE блин (Blin) its the Russian Pancake its literally to die for! u can have it with everything from Caviar to fresh berries absolutely delicious !

I was very impressed with what I saw and i would go back any day!

Just some pictures i took:

Peter and Paul Cathedral

Little cathedral

Lucky bunny:- throw some change at it and if u get it on any of the tree stumps ur wish will come true .. Mine did :) a week later! no jokes!

the nights i didnt go out i was glued to MTV Russian music is soooo catchy!

Listen to this amazing new song from TatU called 220! ch-e-ch-chee-ck it out!