Sunday, 22 June 2008

sunny days and starry nights

Hello Fellow bloggers!

well now that we can officially say summer has started there are many essential pieces to pack for summer! and if ur anything like me you probably leave the packing for the last minute and usually forget some important travel must "pack's"

so take out ur travel bags and check off these summer essentials for any where in the world! if ur staying in ur home town of strolling the streets of Paris or London or even LA :-

Ok so the most important thing to pack it sun block! and i dont care what any one says i say coppertone sun block all the way! never go anywhere without this keep it in ur sexy tote (thats so in this summer!) and it weighs close to nothing and prevents sun burn and helps ur keep ur healthy glow this summer!
and u gotta admit it smells like summer (it really brings back summer camp at the YMCA in California when i was a kid they used to slather up with sunblock before doing any out door activity! super cute!)

the second summer must have it a big bag and my bag of choice is this stunning piece by Bottega veneta ! (everybody needs a Bottega purse for an instant chic and classy look!)
this bag is currently bring carried around town by Angelina Jolie! and its a stuuuuuunning piece i dare u to disagree!

behold the Bottega Cabat!

My current summer craze is neon colours! (caution! use in moderate doses so not to blind any one!) so if its not neon slippers its a neon belt or even neon nail polish!

try essie in shorty pants for a sexy sizzling yellow or my personal favorite mini shorts
My favorite make up brand is M.A.C but of course! my dressing table is over loaded with every shade of mac eye shadow , lipstick, blusher you name it ive got it! i am obsessed! i drive my family crazy with mac! my parents think ive got enough and my friends think im a mac-a-holic! but i dont care its my addiction of choice and i am making space on my dressing table for this summer's FAB collection! Neo sci-fi! its a stunning collection with light lips and a slight smokey eye and wild nails this collection screams 60's sieren! and is veeeeeery Sophia loren to me ! with fab casing theres no reason not to buy every single piece of this collection!

oh yeh also dont forget the boring essentials like socks and pj's!
where ever you are this summer rock the town ur in! throw away the fanny pack and dont look like a tourist! not sexy!

enjoy this amazing track by the ting tings - shut up and let me go .. its been blasting through my ipod and it should be blasting through urs too!

peace love and cup cakes!