Sunday, 5 July 2009

So yesterday was my birthday :) yay! thank you to all my friends that made my day extra special, by al the calls and bb messeges and visits i <3 u all!

Im traveling tomorrow and im extatic i really need a break, and need to see my fav people in Paris yeh thats u A and A and K and M ooook :)

I always forget somthing while packing my Huuuuge patent Chanel air port bag so i decided ide list down all the essentials so i dont forget anything.

1- I-pod = Check

2- pair of comfy repettos

3- Chanel bronze universel

4- Black berry (im surprised this didn't come first)

5- Mac book pro

6- Nip/Tuck season 4

7- La Mer - The Moisturizing Gel Cream

8- My pretty New Chanel wallet a girft from my BFF ITTY i love u gurl!

hmm some how i think im forgetting some thing????

Bon Voyage every1 where ever u might be going this summer :)

Enjoy Mariah's New song its so addictive!!!